A Weekend Exploring in Switzerland!

Hey everyone!

Something a bit different today! Ben and I went to Switzerland for the weekend and stayed with a family friend of ours who lives in a country town called Montmagny. We had such an amazing time and we both absolutely loved it there. Switzerland is quite like how I imagined. Very green and absolutely beautiful with it’s magnificent mountains and lakes and hills. Resulting in many photos being taken! In the weekend we got to see lot’s of the countryside, the mountains and lakes, eat some swiss food and of course some of the utterly divine swiss chocolate. If only chocolate hauls were thing, I would be very good at that.

We arrived Friday afternoon and left Monday morning so we got a pretty decent two days! On Saturday, our friend Liliane showed us around the countryside and took us to some lovely country towns and places. And on Sunday we got up bright and early to catch the train to go to Zermatt and to see the famous Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is the big white pointy mountain that stands over Zermatt and the peak is 4478m high! It is a big mountain range and in the winter a huge ski resort! I can’t even imagine how fun it would be in the winter. It was a few hours on the train to get there but it was worth it and going through the mountains is a pretty spectacular sight. I couldn’t believe how busy it was too! So many people up early on a Sunday to go walking in the mountains! Zermatt is definitely a must do when visiting Switzerland. And in the winter I bet it is even more beautiful. It was so refreshing going to Switzerland for the weekend and I would never hesitate to go back!

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Are you convinced yet? haha. I hope you enjoyed these snaps from our wee getaway! This Friday is our big trip! We are going on a 9 day contiki bus trip from Vienna to Rome! So exciting!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure over to Switzerland! 🙂


Anna xo



One Lovely Blog Award

Hey everyone!

Thank you very much to darleen marie who nominated for this one lovely blog award! I think the lovely blog award is such a sweet idea! It’s a nice way to find more blogs and learn more about other bloggers. So lovely! haha
Basically, the rules are that I must share 7 facts about me and then nominate another 7 bloggers! Thanks again darleen, you should all go check out her gorgeous blog here! 🙂

Now for the facts.. I must try to think of non obvious ones like I love baking and makeup! And I’ll try keep them snappy but we’ll see about that haha. Enjoy!

1. I have two dogs. One named Bessie who is 9 and she is like the family dog and Otto who just turned 2 and is like my baby. I love my dogs.

2. I am studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business, which is marketing and strategy.

3. I love the mountains and skiing and snow. (Is that more than one fact shh)

4. I have an older brother James and younger sister Brittany.

5. I LOVE breakfast. LOVE. It has always just been my thing. All the best foods seem to be breakfast ones. I love it all, cereal/muesli, porridge, smoothies, pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, yogurt, all the good things. Sometimes I even have breakfast for dinner. I think I need to start a breakfast thing on my blog.

6. I am half scottish (and a bit).

7. I have been with my handsome boyfriend Ben for 4 years. Ain’t that sweet.

Now I nominate these lovely blogs!

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There we go! Hope you enjoyed this 🙂


Anna xx