Hey everyone,

Today I have a very cool review for you! I recently made an order for some of the ColourPop Lippie Stixs and an eyeshadow. Most of you have probably heard about this brand some way or another from other bloggers but if you haven’t, they are an online US brand who sell high quality products and extremely affordably! And don’t test on animals, which is great!

Overall, I AM SO IMPRESSED! All the products I ordered are beautiful and just outstanding! You cannot get products of such amazing quality so inexpensively in New Zealand ever. And side note – there seems to be quite a few good dupes for other high-end lipsticks i.e. MAC. I got 4 gorgeous lippie stix, a lippie pencil and a super shock eyeshadow.



I got a Super Shock Shadow in the colour Girly. The ColourPop eyeshadows are the most uniquely textured shadows, they look like a powder in the pot but actually have this gorgeous smooth, creamy, mousse-like texture but set to a powder finish. It is best to apply with your finger, and wow the product just glides on so smoothly and the colour is pigmented. These shadows are definitely nothing like I have tried before. The colour Girly is a shimmery white colour, the shimmer reflects almost a sort of rosey goldy colour, and makes a beautiful all over the lid colour. When I was making my order for all the lippie stix, I still really wanted to see what the texture of the super shock shadows were like so I chose an easy colour I could wear all the time. There is such a wide range of colours on the website. Overall, 10/10 texture and colour and I need more.



ColourPop Lumière, Creature, LBB, Dalia

The Lippie stix I got are (In order of the picture), Lumière, Creature, LBB, and Dalia. I also got the matching Lumière Lippie pencil. First of all, I must say I love all these colours and will definitely wear them all. All of these are matte formulas, ColourPop have other formulas I just happened to choose colours that are all matte. For a matte lipstick, I found the texture is extremely smooth and I love how easily they glide on the lips. I didn’t find wearing them very drying either, although I think if your lips are dry it’s always better to apply a lip balm first anyway especially just in the centre. I also found that they stay on well and don’t cake up. I wore the colour Dalia to dinner and it stayed on very well, although I wiped some off because I had spaghetti haha. The lippie stick reapplied really well. And lastly, the lippie stix themselves in the tubes are quite small, which is quite nice because I find I can be more accurate applying them. Especially good for smaller lips.

Lumière is a gorgeous darkish mauvey pink colour. For me it’s a perfect daytime (or nighttime I guess) lip colour, which I can throw on with any outfit. The lippie pencil is the exact same colour and although I don’t know how necessary it is, it is a very nice lip pencil and glides on smoothly.
Creature is a deep burgundy red and does look very similar to Dalia in the picture but Dalia is more is more of a dark warm red. Okay, very similar but I LOVE these types of colours. Dalia is also a very, very good dupe for the well loved MAC lipstick Diva. Both are matte and here’s a wee swatch comparison. I actually think that Dalia is a wee bit creamier than Diva, which is quite nice when it comes to wearing matte lipsticks.

Colour Pop Dalia, MAC Diva.

Colour Pop Dalia, MAC Diva.

LBB is according to ColourPop website, a rich plum wine colour, (sounds much nicer than deep purpley pink colour). It seems to me this is another very close dupe! Very similar to another well loved colour, MAC Rebel. Although, MAC Rebel isn’t matte, the colours are very close. Rebel may be a touch darker or more purpley toned.


ColourPop LBB, MAC Rebel

Overall, here’s a quick round up!

Why I love the Lippie Stix:

1. Smooth Texture – glides on beautifully

2. Not too drying

3. Lasts long

4. Re-applys well

5. Small lipsticks make it easier to be precise especially on smaller lips

6. Gorgeous colours

7. Affordable

8. Cute and functional packaging

To be honest, I can’t find many faults for these lipsticks especially when they are only $5 USD each. Shipping was about $20 USD and with that still only about $8 each. You do not get anything that affordable in NZ, even a lot of the inexpensive brands are generally at least $20 NZD per lipstick here. And the quality is so up there and probably better than a lot of high end expensive brands. And that’s definitely saying something.. So check out the website ColourPop if you wish. 🙂

Heres a wee bonus FOTD with ColourPop Supershock shadow Girly and Lippie Stix Dalia.


Basically, I’m obsessed. I would love to add some more to my collection! Especially the eyeshadows but I found there are so many colours to choose from! So if you have tried ColourPop, I’d love some recommendations! So comment down below your thoughts, favourites and if you have done a post on them, link me because I’d love to see what you got!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed and this was somewhat helpful! This was such a long post so you’ve done well to make it this far!


Anna 🙂 xo


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