Nars Persia Eyeshadow

DSC_0024Hey everyone!

Look at this beautiful red brick coloured eyeshadow! Do I need to say much more? I have never seen any other colours like this and I think it is such a perfect Autumn colour as it reminds me of the autumn leaves. Although it may look intense in the pan at first, it looks gorgeous on the eyes. To begin with, it is an amazing quality eyeshadow as it is very pigmented, blendable and buttery smooth. It is perfect for warming up a look in the outer corner and in the crease and you can achieve a gorgeous red toned eyeshadow look. You can apply it lighter or heavier to achieve different intensities to your preferences so it is more versatile than it looks. This eyeshadow would especially look gorgeous on blue eyes, but it is still really pretty on other coloured eyes too.



As you may have noticed I’m totally on board all the Autumn hype in the blogging world as I am making the most of being in the Northern Hemisphere. I feel like there’s not as much hype when it’s Autumn in March for some reason. So of course you will be seeing more autumn posts coming from me. I am thinking I will include some Spring/Summer looks and things too, for my peeps at home in the South haha. Plus because I’ll be back in December! I miss you New Zealand! 😥

So please tell me your favourite Autumnal products at the moment! Or if you have a blog post about one yourself please link me down below in the comments!  🙂

Thanks for reading!






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