Can’t live with out you: Beauty Blender

Hey everyone!

If there is one beauty application tool you have in your kit, I think it should be one of these amazing sponges. They work wonders for your complexion and leave your base looking flawless. I got the original Beauty Blender for the first time in January and I don’t think I could ever turn back! I just repurchased a two pack of them because I just really need them in my life. I have also tried out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, which is a great sponge and affordable dupe. Using a beauty blender is the easiest way to put on and blend foundation evenly without leaving brush strokes. You can achieve a flawless full coverage foundation and concealer without getting cakey. So if you find your brush isn’t working that well for you then maybe this is your answer.


Beauty Blender – pink, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – orange

The main differences between the beauty blender and real techniques sponge is the colour, shape and the fineness of the texture of the sponge. The beauty blender has a softer, finer texture than the real techniques sponge, which I prefer. But I find that it doesn’t really make an extreme difference to the way it makes the makeup go on but I do find the real techniques isn’t quite as flawless as the beauty blender. When it comes down to the different shapes, I think the real techniques sponge is better. It has the round surface, flat surface with the edges and pointed tip. So I feel you can do more with it and really get in around your nose and under your eyes and different parts of your face easier. I also found that the beauty blender is easier to clean and that it expands more. Overall, I prefer the beauty blender of course but the real techniques is great for a more affordable option. And you do need to repurchase it, recommended to do so around 3-4 months for the beauty blender if cared for properly. And also recommended you clean it after every use.

How to use

Before using your beauty blender, you need to dampen it by putting under the tap while squeezing it a dozen times or so until it has completely expanded. Then squeeze out the excess water. When I first got the beauty blender and saw it in real life I was so confused as it looked so much smaller in real life. To demonstrate the difference, here is a photo down below of a unused beauty blender and a dampened one! Quite a difference.

To put on foundation, you can either put the foundation directly on your face and then bounce the rounded end of the beauty blender on the foundation and over your face in like dabbing bouncy motions. Or you can put the foundation on your hand/clean surface and then dip the beauty blender before going on to your face with the same bouncy motions. It’s down to personal preference really (I prefer first way) but the main point is the bounce motions. And you can use the tip, different edges to get around your nose and such.


Cleaning the beauty blender

I just purchased the beauty blender solid blendercleanser and It works wonders for the sponges. But I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to go out and buy this. All I can say is that using a solid soap is much easier and more effective and efficient than using a liquid one. So I would recommend if not buying this one, buying a natural gentle soap bar of some sort. All you need to do is wet the sponge and then rub it all over the soap, really get in there and then squeeze out the foam from the beauty blender and you will be able to see the makeup coming out of the sponge. And repeat this until it’s completely clean and rinse out making sure no soap is left in the sponge. Voila!



The beauty blender is €21.10 (
Real Techniques Complexion Sponge €7.67 ( £5.99)

And now checking the price on beauty bay, I just saw the new Stila palettes are on there. Oh god I am so tempted. I need to stop shopping. At least till October.

I hope this post was helpful! The beauty blender is a huge part of my daily makeup routine.
And If you haven’t tried it, I absolutely recommend that you do!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Anna xoxo

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