Favourite Foundation!

Hey everyone!

I recently got my hands on the extremely raved about Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Giorgio Armani isn’t available in NZ so I was very excited to finally be able to try this foundation! I love a luminous finish and dewy skin so I knew that this foundation was going to be right up my alley.
I am in love with this foundation so I just had to review and recommend it to you. And also share some lovely close-ups of my face to give you an idea of how it looks! Enjoy!


About and why I love it.

The name itself is pretty spot on. The foundation has a beautiful luminous finish, leaving your skin with a beautiful, natural-looking glow. The texture feels very light and silky, and is very weightless and enjoyable to wear. I would describe it is as light to medium coverage and buildable. It has no SPF so the foundation is great in photography but for daily wear you need to add a SPF under your makeup.

It is amazing on normal-dry skin (me) and feels hydrating and looks hydrated without clinging to the dryness. I love it so much because I feel like it gives me an optimal amount of coverage while leaving my skin looking so natural and healthy. Never does it feel or look cakey or wear off all gross. I find that it lasts really well and stays nice for the entire day. Which has been tested pretty well with the hot weather I have been living in the past few weeks.

Everytime I put it on, it is an amazing, feel good moment. I am like omg my face, amazing, YES I LOVE THIS .. It is like when you are having a really good eyebrow day and you do one eyebrow perfectly straight away and It’s just like f yeah look at that eyebrow. My favourite way to apply it is with a damp beauty blender. It’s fast, easy and finishes it beautifully and evenly. I really feel this foundation was worth every penny and I will probably have to stock up before I head back home in December. I have shade number 3.

I took photo of foundation by itself, with rest of makeup, and after several hours. I probably could have built it up more around my nose since you can see my freckles still, but it goes to show that it can go from a natural light makeup to medium. I quite like how the skin slightly shows through in this foundation. I think it makes it look more like skin than a foundation.


Only wearing the foundation – no primer, no powder, sad eyebrows etc.


With the full face going on.


After several hours of wear – It was a really hot day hence the randomly shoved away hair haha. It stays looking nice, natural, fresh and flawless.

I love trying out new foundations! Especially high end ones, I can’t help myself! Well to be completely honest, there aren’t many cheaper brands that offer the right shade for me..

What are your favourite high-end or drugstore foundations? Or the ones you are dying to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this review of my favourite foundation and found it helpful! I am really getting into blogging regularly and might even try some videos for you soon who knows! 🙂


Anna xo

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2 thoughts on “Favourite Foundation!

  1. thepamperedgurl says:

    Ive been going on and off weather I should buy it or not, thing is I have normal to oily skin and the Luminous term scares me, theres a very thin line between looking luminous and shiny.
    I think luminous foundations and its perfect for dry skin but for normal to oily I still don’t know … Do you think I will look like a greasy mess if I try it??

    • therealannalittle says:

      Hmm I think it may end up looking quite shiny on its own but could look really nice if you used a mattifying powder with it and maybe even a good matte primer underneath (especially where you don’t want to be shiny, t-zone etc.) and I imagine you could still have the nice glow without looking really shiny. Actually what I would recommend is getting a sample of it to try if you have a giorgio armani counter near you! They actually gave me a sample when I bought it incase the colour wasn’t quite right. Then you could test it out before investing in it! xx

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