Red Hair Don’t Care: Must have! Evo Fabuloso Purple-Red

Hi everyone!DSC_0030

Today this post is for all my fellow redheads out there! Red hair is not the easiest colour to maintain and the colour can fade quite quickly especially in the summer sun. I prefer a more pink-purple toned red on me over orangey or brassy reds and I really need a inbetween treatment to maintain the colour I like. I discovered the Evo Fabuloso Purple red Colour intensifying conditioner a while ago and have used it a number of times and I honestly can’t live without it now! I have been travelling for the past month without any treatments and was so happy when I managed to it find online at and it arrived in France within a few days! It is an easy leave-in conditioning treatment to do and really does the best job of giving such an amazing intense colour to my hair! As you can see below in my before and after photos.


Before – faded colour hair (straightened)


After – intense purple-red (you’d think I would style my hair beautifully for the after photo but no)


You apply the treatment after shampooing and towel drying your hair, then apply around 4-8 pumps (depending on length) into your hair with your fingers or a comb and allow it to sit for only 3 minutes before rinsing it out. (I often extend the time, not always on purpose like today a kitten came into the house and it was cute.) If you use your hands I recommend wearing some gloves but the colour does come off fine and doesn’t stain your bathroom. So it is a rather quick conditioning treatment but the results are phenomenal! I find this treatment is not at all damaging to my hair and leaves it feeling very soft and there is no residue or anything left in my hair.

It is around $40 in NZD and I orginally got it from Synergy in Riccarton mall in Christchurch but it is also available from for €22.66, which is a really great website with really fast shipping to france or to NZ. Although at first thought the price is a bit up there, you get a lot of use from one bottle. I can’t tell you for sure how many as I haven’t finished one yet but my first one I started at home (in New Zealand) I used about 5 times (generous amounts as I have thick long hair) and it was still not feeling empty. So in my opinion, there is value for money in the quality and quantity. So if you are a long term redhead then this is definitely a must have investment. 🙂 I am not sure what I will do when I actually need to re-dye my hair but in the mean time this will keep my hair looking fresh and luscious!

They actually do a range of other colours too including platinum blonde, copper, chestnut, caramel, mahogany and light beige.
Here is where you can get it!

I hope this review was helpful to some people! I think I am going to do some research into finding a good conditioning hair treatment now too 🙂 Let me know of your must have hair treatments in the comments below!


Anna xoxo

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