So many cakes! – sheep cake, bear cake, chocolate beetroot cake

Hello everyone!

In the weekend, I made THREE cakes for my friends 21st birthday party. I was told there would be around 30-40 people so I made 3 cakes. When we were little we had our favourite teddy bears called Irish Sheep and Big Teddy who in fact got married and had several teddy children. And so I ended up making cakes that looked like them! I am really pleased with how they all  turned out and they went down a treat! My friend Jess loved them and so did her family. Success!

I came across this awesome lamb decorated cake on foodgawker and was browsing through the website called Handmade Charlotte and found a polar bear cake. Her website is fabulous and has so many cool ideas for decorating cakes, DIY and such. If you haven’t seen her website before, definitely go check it out! She has a wonderfully photographed tutorial on how to make these wonderful cakes so I won’t go into detail. If you ever want to make an animal cake, she has loads of gorgeous cake decorating tutorials. 

I felt the need to share these beautiful cakes I made in the weekend and the recipes. I didn’t get many photos as I was rather busy in the kitchen and only just got time to quickly snap the finished product before we headed off to the party. Voila!

Sheepy Cake


Isn’t it cute! The sheep cake is made with one of my most recent favourite cakes, a 3 layer lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream. Which I made a month ago for my mums birthday too! But with the most delicious marshmellowy meringue frosting. I have made a separate post on the recipe because It is just so damn good. Although there are many components, they are all easy recipes to make and I just can’t exaggerate enough how yummy it is. For the recipe click here.



Here’s the polar bear! This is a banana cake, 2 layers of banana cake with mascarpone and caramel in the middle and cream cheese frosting. delicious! I got the recipe from my lovely Little and Friday recipe book which I talked about in my previous blog post – Chocolate Brioche. It is their take on the Edmonds Banana cake (an essential recipe book in NZ).

How to Decorate a cake like a Polar bear


Chocolate beetroot cake

And lastly, chocolate beetroot cake which was from Little and Friday Celebrations book. I don’t mean to always post from this book but it seems that it just happens to have what I am looking for! You know when you find a good recipe book you can always trust the recipe is going to be fabulous! And yes, this recipe was bloody delicious! Beautifully rich and velvety texture. Just divine. Three layers of chocolate beetroot cake, salted caramel in between and chocolate ganache on top! I must say my caramel was a bit too runny and made a mess everywhere but oh my goodness. Yum. I love chocolate cake.

Hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was definitely a busy one but I enjoyed making all these yummy cakes! (And eating them.) Let me know if you would be interested in seeing the recipes for the other cakes 🙂

Anna xo



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